Vote crankthat1 for server mod!

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Vote crankthat1 for server mod!

Post  crankthat1 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:00 pm

Vote crankthat1 for server mod! I feel i can help the server in many ways. I wouldn't ever abuse my rights as a mod on kiddscape. I help players every day even on the littlest thing:) If you make me a mod you won't regret it i can make youtube videos and post them on whats good about kiddscape and why people shoud join. I can provide good server ideas that would make the server better. I'm not like most runescape players! I'm popular! Just kidding. I am popular though i have lots of friends and I could spread the word of kiddscape to the ones that are internet gamers. I won't ever give up on kiddscape, I'd say its the best server there ever was or is gonna be for runescape. I was hoping the server would go backup!Smile I played even before the server went down, when it went down it was pretty tragic. Rolling Eyes Anyways I want to help kiddscape not own it, i will always put other players before me and help them with what they need done before doing what i need done. I don't want to become a mod for all the so called "sweet hookups" I just want to help kiddscape thrive in the private server industry

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