Some Suggestions/Bugs Ive found.

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Some Suggestions/Bugs Ive found. Empty Some Suggestions/Bugs Ive found.

Post  Hahaz on Mon May 31, 2010 12:04 pm

Hello, This is some suggestion's/Bugs. related to the Server.

-Some Suggestions/Bugs Ive found. Bug48BUGSSome Suggestions/Bugs Ive found. Bug48-
-If you click the option "Buy-10" in any shop, Its buys the item in the first slot, and if it is very expensive, it may piss people off.-
-Most of the ranged weapons, such as the rune crossbow and Dark bow do not seem to function properly.
-Some weapons, such as the Dragon Dagger do not seem to have the correct weapon hitting, instead of stabbing, or slashing, it punches.
-Much of the PvP armor does not give the correct bonuses, otherwise making it useless.
-Dragon claw's seem WAY overpowered and will possibly ruin the PKing side of the server.
-Using the "Buy-X" Option in shops does not work.
-"Offer-All" Trades the first item in your inventory, and does not work on any-other item. This can prevent an problem in trading.

-Some Suggestions/Bugs Ive found. 35px-IdeaSuggestions and IdeasSome Suggestions/Bugs Ive found. 35px-Idea-
-An option to make arrows "OR" Unstrung bows for fletching
-An option to add poison to arrows/spears/daggers.
-An option to create Dragon arrow's.
-Ability to clean herbs, instead of being limited to making potions.
-Fix the position of the master fisher to the spot where you tele-port.
-Make it so the person who damaged the most HP of a "NPC," Gets the drop.

I will Add more later!


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