A 317 Server?

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Should Ryan Use This?

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A 317 Server? Empty A 317 Server?

Post  Golden on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:19 pm

I've Been Working On A 317 Server, But I Can't Put It Online. So I Want To Give It To Ryan So He Can Put Online. Here Are Some Features -

474 Graphics
New Whip Models
Bandos Is Now Renamed War
Armadyl Is Peace
New Whip Models
New Sprit Sheilds
New Custom Shop
New Skills
Dungeoneering (Base)
Astronomy (Took Place Of Slayer)
Both Of Them Have Custom Skillcapes No Hoods Yet
Over 30 Different Phats
100% Staff Of Light!
Dragon Claws
Adding Pvp Armour
New Shops
All Rares Are Real Runescape Prices
New Defender Called Flameberge
Barrows Defender

Well Ryan If You Want The Source And Client Tell Me! I'd Be So Happy To See It Online. Thanks =)

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