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kingpk for mod/admin

Post  kingpk on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:22 am

ok hello and my Kiddscape user is kingpk. i am level 138 and i have every thing 99 apar from herblor with i am getting up to 99 soon Very Happy

long ago around may me and my freind made our own sever and around 20-30 people did play it in total however i didnt go acording to plan. it was laggy eveyone dissconected evey 5-10 mins, so i shut it down. i do have qite a good experience because i do know all the rules pritty much and am fair with all players. i am also good at helpping people out in any situation.

i play Kiddscape around 3-5 hours on weekends and around 1-3 hours on weekday because of my school work/ home work.

i pritty much know all the rules. i do a have a good experiene becuase of the server me and my freind made so i will know when someone is breaking the rules.

i would love it if i was mod/admin because i would learn more about the server and get more experience of the server. i would help people out when they need help.

in conclusion i hope u accept me for mod/admin i would understand if u didnt accept me. thank for reading my aply.

from kingpk (Kiddscape user)


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